NXD Inventory

Inventory can be difficult sometimes. Most small and medium companies cannot afford to stop production in order to do regular stocktakes

This causes loss, supply chain issues and unhappy customers.

But what if you could see the status of your inventory at the click of a button?

What if you could manage parts and finished products with ease?

NXD Inventory can help you do this, and much more!

Keep track of your inventory with barcodes

Barcodes are a very easy way of keeping track of parts and products. They can be scanned using easy to use barcode scanners that plug into any computer. Barcode scanners are not expensive and they pay for themselves in saved time on stocktakes.

NXD Inventory uses barcodes to easily manage your inventory. One scan of the barcode and you can see how many of that item you have and how many you need to order.

Take the pain out of stocktake- just scan the barcode and then enter the number of items you got in or out

Significantly reduce the time and manpower cost of stocktakes.

Inventory at the click of a button!

Manage your parts and supplies with ease

If your business uses parts and supplies to manufacture goods, you know it can be difficult to keep track of how much is being used.

A simple scan registers each time parts are taken out of inventory or put in.

This eliminates waste and helps you keep better track of the costs.

Intelligent alerts tell you when you need to reorder

Reduce waste and improve your business costs

Keep track of each worker's usage of parts and supplies

Improve trust in your workforce and reduce loss

Automate reordering process- reorder just what you need and when you need it with intelligent alerts!

No more running out of parts!

NXD Inventory works with a variety of finance and order management software

If you use Sage, you will be able to see the list of your products, parts and supplies on sage with ease, as NXD Inventory plugs seamlessly into Sage via API

Reduce waste and overuse of parts and supplies!

Easily keep track of your production orders' status

If you also use NXD Production Planner, NXD Inventory will help you easily keep track of the status of your production or service orders

Simply scan out of the inventory the parts and supplies needed for each day's workload each morning, then scan in the finished products and unused parts at the end of the day

As the products for each order are finished and scanned into the inventory each day, you can see the progress of each order, and so can your customers. So, if there are any slippages or falling behind, you can easily solve them before they become a problem!

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