The Complete ERP

NXD1 is a complete solution that was build to respond to all of the resource management needs of a small to medium business. It is a no frills alternative to the mainstream ERP solutions, aiming to solve all of the normal problems that come with managing a business in a way that makes management's life easier, and eliminates time waste. NXD-1 plugs seamlessly into all versions of Sage, and if your business sells online, it comes with a fully set up Magento commercial website, the top of the range in e-commerce solutions. We will set up the website for you through our New Experience Design team, who have years of experience in e-commerce solutions and will make sure that your business gets not just a great website, but one that actively establishes and engances your brand, plus all of the needed modules of NXD-1 to keep everything in your business in one place and running smoothly.


NXD1 offers complete control over all aspects of your business.

A web based no frills solution that keeps everything in one place.

Control your orders, finances, deliveries, production, appointments and inventory

Magento Online Store that connects directly with Sage, Inventory and Production

Cut the costs of Customer Support with Client Self Service!

Management measured in clicks, not hours!!

Fire Your Accountant

NXD1 plugs directly into SAGE via API allowing you to manage your orders, finances and invoices in one place

NXD1 Production Planner helps you schedule your production automatically based on order date and priority. No more disappointed customers! Your workers will know what to do without any misunderstandings. Say Goodbye to micromanagement!!

NXD1 Inventory keeps track of all your products, parts and materials.

NXD1 Pay Invoice your clients with a click and let them pay online!

All of your financial documents in one place, one click away

Track your orders, staff, production, inventory and finances from anywhere in the world!

Give your clients control with NXD-1 Self Service

Customer area allows your clients to book their own appointments, see their order status, easy reorder and pay online

The end of phone customer support!

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