NXD Order Manager

Get everything together in one simple interface

Easy to use middleware that brings together all of our modules and help you check the status of all your orders with ease.

Keep all your orders in one place

Not all customers are the same. Some are OK with ordering from your website. Some might prefer the convenience of repeating their previous order at the touch of a button by using NXD Self Service. Some might want the personal touch of placing an order over the phone.

Regardless how they order, all those orders will be in one place and none will skip through the cracks

No more missed orders

Time is important for everybody. A lot of businesses waste many precious man hours by having their admin staff constantly reinputting the same order in all their systems.

Better communication creates happy staff and happy customers!

Stop the waste and reduce admin staff!

Clarity and Peace of Mind

It's important to be able to see everything in one place.

One of our main beliefs is that management shouldn't have to be painful. Keeping all orders and updates in one place means that nothing slips through the cracks and all information is available when needed. For many businesses, processing orders can be a long and arduous task, not to mention expensive. Take the stress out and cut down on your costs of accounting by having everything in one place.

All of your orders in place, in one report. Easy. Simple. Convenient.

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At NXD, we are aware that each business has specific needs, and that many small and medium businesses are put off from getting new systems by the prohibitive price of software.

This is why our products are set up as modules that work together or individually, so you only have to pay for the ones you actually need and are not wasting money on featured you do not need.

Our products are highly customizable to the specific needs of any business. You will not need specialised IT staff to manage them.

Our products have a no frills web based interface, and they can be easily used from the staff area by any normal clerical and admin staff.

We will also set everything up for you and ensure everything works as it should be

We will not charge you for the modules you don't need and will make sure you get a fair price

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