NXD- Production Planner

NXD Production Planner is aimed at the businesses who manufacture goods or provide services to other businesses on an "order by order" basis.

Do you have problems delivering your orders in time?

Do your workers feel swamped at times, then don't have what to do at others?

Do you need to delay delivering your customers' orders, which makes them unhappy?

If you answered "Yes" to at least one of these questions, then NXD Production Planner might be able to help you!

Keep Track Of Your Orders

Production Planner helps you easily keep track of the delivery dates of your orders

You can check what orders are due to be delivered in the following weeks and how many man hours do you have available.

This means you can schedule your staff's work with ease and keep track of each order's progress.

Your staff will know in advance what they are supposed to work on, which avoids misunderstandings and wasted time

Management measured in clicks, not hours!!

Make Better Use Of Your Staff

Schedule their work hours in advance, avoiding dead times.

Say goodbye to orders slipping through the cracks and unhappy customers

Keep track of your staff's best performance and schedule their work according to their capacity Keep better track of their performance!

Identify the weak links in your workforce

No more scheduling conflicts- enjoy the peace of mind!

NXD Production Planner works with a variety of finance software

You will not need to re enter order information into the system- it gets retrieved from your financial/order management software.

Better time management makes for more productive staff!

Back to Products

But wait, there's more!

If you also use NXD Inventory, you can instantly see the parts used every day in production.

As the order progresses, you can see what parts are being used and when, and have an up to date inventory of your supplies at your fingertips.

As the products for each order are finished and scanned into the inventory each day, you can see the progress of each order, and so can your customers. So, if there are any slippages or falling behind, you can easily solve them before they become a problem!

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