NXD Products

NXD Tech provides innovative no-frills solutions for your business automation needs. Our easy to use web interface is easy to learn and will not require you to hire specialised staff

Our products are designed with the needs of your business in mind, and have been optimized to work as individual modules, part of NXD1 ERP or as middleware for your already existing systems

But what's more important, our products will change the way you manage your business, by reducing waste, minimizing admin work and keeping everything in one place- for a painless management experience


A complete ERP that integrates seamlessly with Sage and a Magento Commercial Website and keeps all your online business in one place

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NXD Production Planner

Works independently or plugs seamlessly into Sage

Schedule your production orders with ease.

Plugs into Sage or our NXD Order Manager for easy scheduling or orders by date and priority

Keeps track of parts and supplies used with NXD Inventory

Assign tasks to your staff with ease, avoiding wasted time and misunderstandings!

Works with product barcodes so you can just zap your inventory in and out!

Helps reduce the number of admin staff

Updates Order Status Daily so you can keep your customers happy!

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NXD Inventory

Keep track of your products, parts and supplies with ease.

Plugs into Sage or NXD Order Manager

Keep track of all parts used in production and reduce waste.

Reorder supplies with ease and never run out!!

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NXD Order Manager

Plugs into Sage and Magento with ease, or use as standalone from your website

Easy no frills order management that automatically updates Sage and Magento. No more entering orders manually on each system!!

Plugs into NXD Self Service to allow your customers to see their past orders, status of their orders and do quick reorders.

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NXD Self Service

Give your customers control of their orders!

Customers can see your available time slots and book their own appointments!

Easy reordering online


At NXD, we are aware that each business has specific needs, and that many small and medium businesses are put off from getting new systems by the prohibitive price of software.

This is why our products are set up as modules that work together or individually, so you only have to pay for the ones you actually need and are not wasting money on featured you do not need.

Our products are highly customizable to the specific needs of any business. You will not need specialised IT staff to manage them.

Our products have a no frills web based interface, and they can be easily used from the staff area by any normal clerical and admin staff.

We will also set everything up for you and ensure everything works as it should be

We will not charge you for the modules you don't need and will make sure you get a fair price

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