NXD Self Service

Give your customers control of their orders

Reduce phone calls and the cost of customer support

Everybody likes control. In today's business environment, the customers are at their happiest when they have as much information about their orders as possible.

Allow Your Customers To Make Their Own Appointments

It's a lot easier and more convenient to be able to book your appointments yourself than call and hope for the best.

From their personalized dashboard, your clients can see the available appointments and choose what is best for them without having to call. This saves their time and your manpower.

Plugs into your Magento e-commerce website and works with NXD Inventory, NXD Order Manager and NXD Production Planner

Easy Order Tracking

Your customers can check their previous orders and repeat them with ease.

No need to call, no need to repeat orders line by line

Give your customers peace of mind, and the ability of ordering at their convenience.

Fast, Easy and Convenient Repeat Orders

NXD Self Service can reduce the cost of customer support staff by up to 60%

Save your customers' time and yours!!!

Track Production Orders With Ease

If your business produces goods on an order basis, NXD Self Service, working with NXD Production Planner, NXD Order Manager and NXD Inventory will give you the unique feature of being able to track production orders as they are being produced, and give your customers the choice to ask for partial dispatches in case of emergencies!

Different businesses have different needs, and flexibility will grant you the gratitude of your customers!

At the end of each workday, the orders are updated with the status of production for each order, and your customers will be able to see it and control it!

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At NXD, we are aware that each business has specific needs, and that many small and medium businesses are put off from getting new systems by the prohibitive price of software.

This is why our products are set up as modules that work together or individually, so you only have to pay for the ones you actually need and are not wasting money on featured you do not need.

Our products are highly customizable to the specific needs of any business. You will not need specialised IT staff to manage them.

Our products have a no frills web based interface, and they can be easily used from the staff area by any normal clerical and admin staff.

We will also set everything up for you and ensure everything works as it should be

We will not charge you for the modules you don't need and will make sure you get a fair price

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