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NXD Vision- Think Bigger

We are a plucky startup from the Merry England, with a bunch of crazy ideas that will make life easier for a lot of people and businesses. We like usability, we have experience in a lot of fields and we're bringing a new approach to European business- usability is not just for customers. We believe that management should be done intelligently and that better management makes for better business and happier customers.

We like people and we like business. We like to see businesses succeed globally, we like to see people do better work, we like to see happy faces on the street. We know that it's getting harder and harder for a business to survive in a competitive globalized environment.

All of our clients report a decrease in staff cost of up to 30% over the first six months of implementing our solutions, and significant increases in their customers' satisfaction.

The Internet has changed everything

In terms of human development, the Internet is as important as the discovery of the internal combustion engine.

One of the most powerful tools ever to be put in human hands, the Internet has caused tremendous change in the world, and the very face of business as we knew it. The local business as a concept is gone, and everyone must adjust to this new reality.

The businesses who adjusted have seen success beyond their wildest dreams, those who didn't adjust have closed their gates.

That is where we come in. We develop no frills solutions that can be adjusted to the needs of any business to help them manage their resources and staff better.

Our solutions will help you make better use of your staff and resources, eliminate waste and improve the performance of your workers

We haven't even reached our final form

We are a startup, but we decided to do things rather differently, and instead of going around chasing backers we decided to finance ourselves.

So we decided to first make our NXD business line that pays the bills and wages and keeps the lights on, and also helps us work on the development of our more... interesting products

But if you're a backer and want to hear more about our upcoming products... we won't say no to your money!

NXD Tech- Think Bigger
The development arm of New Experience Design